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All companies, but in particular those with innovative new technology products and services need a clearly defined set of goals, and a business strategy to achieve these goals based upon a detailed analysis of market opportunities and their strengths and weaknesses when compared to their competitors.


A strategic plan needs to have clear and defined guidelines and actions. The test of any strategic plan is that it should allow all members of staff to be able to decide what activities help the company achieve its goals, and what activities that appear useful are actually distractions.


The team at Global IP Consulting have international experience working in collaboration with technology based companies and government organisations to define truly useful business strategies.



Working with entrepreneurs at the interface between science and industry, the Global IP Consulting team have extensive experience in building business plans for fund raising and to establish viable start-up companies.

The Global IP Consulting team are able to help you understand what aspects of any idea can be protected, and where appropriate are able to help you work with a range of selected patent agents.

Global IP Consulting has experience conducting technology scouting for global FMCG companies, large Japanese multinational companies, and investors looking for new investment opportunities. This work continues with selected clients and complements other activities such as helping smaller SME’s find industry partners and raise investment capital.

Training in technology transfer best practice is provided, based upon experience gaining working in the technology transfer environment at the University of Oxford, and from working with other world-leading research organisations in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The Global IP Consulting team are able to provide a viewpoint from industry as well as academia, with experience of corporate in-licensing intellectual property.


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